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Leaf Removal Prices

Weekly leaf removal service starts $200.00 per month + bags if needed

Once per month leaf removal service starts $130.00 + bags if needed

If bagging leaves is needed, we charge $3.25 per paper bag

Haul off leaves - call for quote

DIY - You put leaves in piles, we bag $3.25 per paper bag

Leaf Removal Service Areas

We offer leaf clean-up and removal service in the following neighborhoods and zip codes:

Brookhaven 30319

Buckhead 30305

Chastain 30327

Chamblee 30341

Decatur 30033

Emory 30307

Lilburn 30347

Morningside 30324

Old Fourth Ward 30312

Sandy Springs 30342

Virginia Highland 30306

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Leaf Removal & More Information

Leaf cleanup / removal is best done on a weekly service cycle while the leaves are dry & the leaf load is light. Once leaves become wet and thick it takes much more time to clean the leaves. An average lawn may take 30 minutes to mow or clean up dry fluffy leaves but once those leaves become wet it could easily take 2 hours or longer to clean leaves. Wind plays a big part in leaf cleanup as well. It is much easier to clean leaves on a calm day then it is to try and clean leaves when the wind keeps blowing them back over the area you have already cleaned up.

In Atlanta, Poplar trees as well as some River Birch trees will begin to lose their leaves early October. Maple trees & some oak trees, as well as most other trees begin to drop leaves in November. The smaller leaf oak trees will not fully drop their leaves until late December into January. Pine trees will begin to shed their needles October into December. So depending on the types of trees you have in your lawn as well as neighboring lawns will determine the length of the leaf season you will have.

Leaves are an excellent source to build up soil quality in your flower beds. The decaying leaves will turn hard red clay soil to a beautiful black loam, over time, which your plants will love and thrive growing within. Leaves should never be piled high around the base of trees as this could result in the death of a tree. If you wish to get rid of ivy, spreading a very thick layer of leaves over ivy is a great way to kill it off.

Leaves can be blown off your lawn into your flower beds and evenly spread around. Once leaves have finished falling add a light layer of pine straw over the leaves for added beauty to your flower beds for the winter. Worms and mother nature will be busy breaking down the leaves underneath the pine straw adding value to your existing soil.

If there is a light leaf load on the lawn and the leaves are dry, these leaves can be mulched with the lawn mower and the leaves can be left to decay on the lawn giving the lawn free fertilizer and nutrients. Be careful not to leave too many mulched leaves on the lawn at any given time as this could hurt the lawn by killing off patches.

If you are fortunate enough to have a compost pile or area on your property to place leaves, this is a cost effective way to get rid of them. Leaves in a large pile will decay rather fast and by summer that huge leaf pile will almost be gone leaving a beautiful soil, for planting, underneath.

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