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Fescue lawn being cut with a 21 inch lawn mower

Lawn Mowing Prices

Weekly lawn mowing service starts $160.00 per month

Every other week lawn mowing starts $110.00 per month

Seasonal lawn scalping starts $250.00

Reel mowing starts $200.00 per month

Lawn Mowing Service Areas

We offer lawn mowing service in the following neighborhoods and zip codes:

Brookhaven 30319

Buckhead 30305

Chastian 30327

Chamblee 30341

Decatur 30033

Emory 30307

Lilburn 30347

Morningside 30324

Old Fourth Ward 30312

Sandy Springs 30342

Virginia Highland 30306

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Lawn Mowing Tips & Information

Cool season lawns such as Fescue are best cut weekly during their growing season October through May. For best results Fescue should be cut to a height between 3 to 5 inches tall. When the weather becomes hot & humid brown patch disease may appear in Fescue. Core aeration and over seeding September through October can help return Fescue to its lush appearance after an attack of brown patch or a hot dry summer.

Warm season lawns such as Bermuda, Zoysia, Centipede & St. Augustine begin to come out of dormancy, depending on Atlanta weather, in April. With Bermuda and Zoysia lawns it can be very beneficial to scalp these lawns down in January or February to remove the upper layer of dead grass. This is done so that when the weather begins to warm these grasses will green up much faster since they are nott having to fight through all that dead grass. Bermuda lawns, when mowing with a reel mower, can be cut less than an inch tall giving your lawn a beautiful golf green look. We Cut Grass, Inc. offers reel mowing service at an additional price. Zoysia lawns can also be cut with a reel mower but it is best to cut at a much higher level.

As long as grass clumps are not left on the lawn, using a recycling mower or side discharge mower and then blowing the clumps around so they can quickly dry out and decay is a great process for adding free natural nutrients to your grass.

A lawn full of weeds and a mixture of grasses can be equally as beautiful as any single turf lawn as long as it is cut on a regular basis. Weedy lawns require little to no maintenance other than mowing. Depending on the variety of weeds & grasses these lawns require no irrigation, fertilizer or other dangerous pesticide applications. The weedy lawn can withstand a lot of abuse as well and will usually rejuvinate itself rather quickly.

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